Katerina Kolozova

Katerina Kolozova, Ph.D. (age 33), is Associate professor of gender and culture studies at the University of Skopje (Institute for
Sociological, Political and Juridical Research) and the director of the Research Center in Gender Studies at the "Euro-Balkan"
Institute from Skopje.

She is also the executive editor of the English-Macedonian Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture
"Identities". In the course of the last 2 years, she has been the Course Director of two international summer schools aimed for
young university faculty from Eastern and Central Europe, one in gender studies and the other in contemporary philosophy.

recent publications include the books Classical Readings in Gender Theory (Skopje, Euro-Balkan Press, 2003), Conversations
with Judith Butler. The Crisis of the Unitary Subject
(Skopje, Euro-Balkan Publishing, 2001) and The Death and the Greeks. On
the Philosophical and Traditional Concepts of Death in Ancient Greece
(Skopje, Kultura, 2000). Among her more recently published
articles are: "Thinking Unity for the Non-Unitary Subject" ("Genero"-Belgrade, 2002); "Nietzsche and the post-structuralist theories
of subjectivity: Judith Butler's reading" ("Kulturen zivot"-Skopje, 2001 & "Treca"-Zagreb, 2001); "Imagining the Face of the 'Real':
Some Considerations about the War and Violence" ("Identities"-Skopje, 2001); "Les troubles et les métamorphoses de Mnémosyne: Sur le
concept tragique du temps chez Hölderlin, Nietzsche et Deleuze" ("Lettre Internationale", 2000).